Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations is something I’ve always gone all out on.  When I was little, my mum and dad used to pull the same little 5ft Christmas tree out of the attic along with the annual box of decorations and lights and that was very exciting as a kid but it was my nan’s Christmas decorations that used to blow me away.  She had the same silver tree every year with her special post-war sparkly decorations that she packed away carefully every year.  She always had tinsel and decorations hanging from the walls, the ceilings, everywhere.  Paper chains the lot.  She went all out and that stuck with me.  So when I got older I used to say I would go all out on my decorations too.  I have over taken her but the same concept.  If my grandchildren run downstairs and screaming “woooah” then I know I did a good job lol.  We always decorate down the stairs, the dining room so they have a very Christmassy dinner and the living room.

Click here to see my Christmas Decorations from 2016.

Click here to see my Christmas Decorations from 2015.


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