Oxtail (Caribbean Style)

My daughter, Olivia, is always fussing me for this recipe.  Olivia, here it is!  Click here. Advertisements

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Chili Lime Pork kebabs, Rib Eye Steaks, Southern Potato Salad, Cilantro Salad, Burgers, Baked Bananas with chocolate and marshmallows and there was only 3 of us! Click here to read more!

Lemon Garlic Butter

This is an ideal butter to go on Rib Eye steaks.  I just used it myself this past Memorial Day weekend.  Click here for recipe.

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

This cheesecake looks delicious and tastes amazing.  It’s a show stopper and it’s so simple! Click here for my recipe.

British Flapjacks (Cereal Bars)

My kids grew up on this recipe.  When they were small, it was sometimes a bit of struggle to get them to eat their oats (porridge).  Sometimes it was difficult to get them to eat any breakfast at all.  But they always loved my simple cereal bars, no matter what time of day.  You can…

Simple Strawberry Apple Crumble

I was in the middle of dinner today and looking around in the pantry for a few basic ingredients so I could knock up a quick dessert for the kids and I came across a couple of cans of strawberries and apple pie filling.  It then occurred to me.  A strawberry apple crumble.  Click here for the…


The key to a good quiche is a creamy, custard filling, not one that tastes like a baked omelette on pastry!   After making them for years and playing with the recipe in several ways, I have found the addition of mayonnaise achieves the objective!  Click here for my quiche recipe.


Meatloaf is a great way to use up ground beef.  Kids love it because of the sweet, sticky sauce and the soft texture of the loaf.  Adults love it because it’s heart warming, comfort food!  This will feed 6-8 people easily. Click here for my meatloaf recipe.

Chicken Empanadas & Guacamole

Chicken Empanadas are always a hit with my daughter, Olivia.  Quick, easy and another great use for left over chicken. Served with tasty, fresh, home made Guacamole.  Click here for my recipe.

Make your own McDonalds style Chicken Nuggets. So much better too!

If your kids are anything like my grandchildren, they will love going to McDonalds for a little treat.  However, it’s no secret just how horrible fast food is for children, which is why I try to make the children as much as I can at home.  These chicken nuggets require no effort at all and…