The key to a good quiche is a creamy, custard filling, not one that tastes like a baked omelette on pastry!   After making them for years and playing with the recipe in several ways, I have found the addition of mayonnaise achieves the objective!  Click here for my quiche recipe.

English Sherry Trifle

There are several ways to make trifle.  As a child I grew up with traditional trifle made with a jelly/jello.  Chocolate trifle.  Hot trifle and  Sherry Trifle.  My kids went through a stage where they had to have chocolate trifle every few days.  That lasted a while, but they overdosed on it and can’t even…

Sausage Rolls (English style)

Sausage rolls are our party food.  We make them for 4th July, birthdays, Christmas etc.  If you cannot get a hold of English sausages for the filling.  Read my simple recipe here.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole, a family favorite, for Thanksgiving.  Click here for recipe.

My Christmas Traditions

Everybody has their traditions.  My Christmasses today are almost exactly identical to the ones I had as a child.  My American grandchildren definitely get to experience English Christmas traditions and Romany traditions all at the same time.  My traditions and recipes go back generations. View my Christmas Decorations.

Mince Pies

Mince pies are traditional English Christmas food.  We usually eat these on Christmas Eve, along with our Christmas Cake. You can buy mincemeat in jars in America but it is often quite hard to find.  My kids look forward to their mince pies every Christmas Eve to Boxing Day (December 26th).  If I can buy…

Christmas Eve – English Style

Christmas is a big English celebration, at least a month long from the beginning of December to New Year’s Day.  Christmas Eve, to me, has just as many customs and traditions as Christmas Day does.  I do the same food for my children and grandchildren that my grandmother Sophie and aunt Rita used to do…


Christmas cake is one of the most important foods at Christmas time to English families.  This cake will need to be cooked at least from the end of October.  I like to start mine around September but I have been known to do it at the end of October, around Halloween time, and it still…