Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always the same food in my house.  Usually that’s the time when I start putting on the turkey, preparing all of the Christmas Day sides, last minute wrapping, tidying up etc, so I like to put out a little assortment of foods the family can help themselves to.


Christmas Eve in our house is the same foods that I used to eat in my grandmother Sophie’s house and my aunt Rita’s house.

We’ll usually have our Christmas Cake that I have taken weeks to prepare. ( I never cut Christmas cake before or after Christmas Eve.  It is always cut on that day with the first slices ate on Christmas Eve night).  Followed with a couple of Quiches, Sausage Rolls, Egg Mayonnaise Vol au Vents and English Prawn Cocktail Vol-au-Vents, Coleslaw, Large Salad with Chopped Egg on the top, some kind of cake like a Chocolate Cake and a big tin of English chocolates like Celebrations, Roses or Quality Street.  We’ll also have Heinz Salad Cream, Piccalilli, Branston Pickle, Jar of English Pickled Onions, and a bottle of brown sauce.  Usually we will have Mimosa’s for the adults and there will be non alcoholic fizzy grape juice bottles too.

Vol Au Vents Recipe

Sausage Rolls Recipe

Quiche Recipe

I always buy a little supply of necessary English foods at Christmas for the family so we can continue the same traditions as I had in England.

This is what I had in my cart this year.  Celebrations chocolate, a Luxury Christmas pudding, Christmas Crackers, Club Biscuits, Mince Pies, English biscuits, custard powder, Pickled Onions, Piccalilli, Custard Creams, Bourbons, paxo stuffing, lucozade, brown sauce.  I get them from an assortment of Publix’s in Florida or British food stores in the area.


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